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Near the ancient town of Capalbio, in the heart of the Maremma, takes place Macchiabuia, where wild Thyrrhenian coasts meet sweet Tuscany hills.

In Summer a slight mistral wind comes frome the sea to caress our olive groves leaves, while in Winter the hills protect them against cold winds that comes from the North.

It is right there, at the extreme Southern edge of Tuscany, where the nights are fresh and the days are torrid, that unique and favourable climatic conditions born, the same that make Macchiabuia an authentic expression of the land from which it comes, dry, lapped but yet well repaired from the brackish. The special earth composition, rich of red clay and largely stony, makes our land one of the richest and mineral in the entire world, well drained and dry, and this is the reason that gives to our oil such an intense and unmistakable flavor.

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